Mailfence – Secure Email Service

Do you want to secure your emails against advanced threats and also get to enjoy peace of mind? You should therefore try out Mailfence. Despite the growth in the use of instant messaging, email is one of the most common forms of personal and business communication online. And this is why it is imperative to make use of a safe and secure email service provider like Mailfence.

Mailfence - Secure Email Service

Mailfence is a secure and private email service provider which was launched in the year 2013. According to reviews, they have an excellent reputation with both users and security experts.

Mailfence believes in providing its uses with top-notch online email privacy and security. According to them, privacy is a fundamental human right that should not be taken for granted. And so, they are fully dedicated to providing you with the best email privacy plus an integrated suite of tools.

Mailfence provides all its users with free and three basic subscription plans. The email service provider can also be used for your business mail aside from your personal mail. Mailfence for business provides your organization with all the necessary tools to effectively communicate and collaborate with your teams.

Features of Mailfence

There are several amazing features you will find really intriguing when you make use of this email service provider. With Mailfence, you will not only get to enjoy a safe and secure business and personal email but a lot more. Below are some of the features of Mailfence;

  • Mailfence doesn’t support ads, spam or trackers
  •  It is 100 % free from government observation
  • End to end encryption with OpenPGP
  • It supports Web, POPS, IMAPS and SMTP
  • You can import your contact from all your account and also create groups to share your data securely
  • It enables you to customize your own unique or Mailfence domain name
  • You can easily synchronize your account using your desktop and mobile devices
  • Password encrypt mail

Another amazing feature of Mailfence is that it provides you with calendar, contact, and document storage. You can easily plan your appointment and events using the Mailfence user-friendly calendar. Or you can store, edit and share important documents with your team using your Mailfence account.

Mailfence Plans

As earlier stated, mail fence provides its users with a free and a 3 basic subscription plan. Each plan comes with its own features and benefits.  The Mailfence premium plan provides you with 500MB emails, 500MD documents. Also, you can create only one group plus a two-factor encryption authentication support.

The subscription plan comes in three forms which include Entry, Pro, and Ultra. The Entry plan costs € 2,50 per month, and when you subscribe for it. You will gain access to 5GB emails 10 alias, 12 GB document storage space, you can create up to 3 groups. Also, it provides you with two-factor encryption authentication and full synchronization.

While the Mailfence Pro plan costs 7,50 € and provides you with an extended feature of the Entry-level subscription plan.  It comes with 20GB email 5O alias, 24GB documents, create up to 5 groups, priority supports and full synchronization, calendars, and contact’s support. And lastly, the Ultra plan cost 25,00 €.

This plan comes with 50 GB emails 100 alias, 70GB documents, and data storage space, you can create up to 7 groups and provides you with full package synchronization. It also provides you access to a 24/7 support line. You can select any of the plans and you can pay using your Visa or Mastercard. You can also pay using PayPal or using cryptocurrencies for more privacy.

Mailfence Sign Up

Creating an account with Mailfence is very simple, it only requires some of your basic information and a unique password. However, registering an account with Mailfence, for now, is not possible in some regions. This is because they have been temporarily closed due to spamming. But you can easily create an account with them by sharing your information with their support team. In simple terms, send an email to the Mailfence support team for them to create an account for you. The mail should include these three basic pieces of information which are;

  • Your username
  •  Mailfence internal email address
  • And lastly, a recovery notification email address for your password reset and payment issue

When you send this information to the Mailfence support team, an account will be created for you.

Mailfence Login

Meanwhile, if you already have an account with Mailfence, you can login anytime and anywhere to access your Mailfence inbox. To login to your account follow the steps below;

  • Open your device web browser
  • Visit Mailfence official login page @
  •  Enter our Mailfence username,
  • Input your Mailfence password

After that, you will automatically gain access to your account if your login information is correct. You can visit the login page via your mobile or desktop web browser. Note that, Mailfence doesn’t have an app for mobile or desktop users presently so you can access their service through their web App.