Live Telecast – Disney+ Hotstar Web Series

Do you love to watch horror web series?  If you do, have you checked out Live Telecast? Live telecast is an Indian Tamil language horror thriller, directed and written by Venkat Prabhu. It is a web series and it made its first release in 2021. And it is set in the backdrop of 2005 and the title also shows a diary pointing at the year 2005. 

Live Telecast - Disney+ Hotstar Web Series

Live Telecast has seven episodes and each one of them was introduced in an incredible way. There are lots of award-winning actors in this series and they all played their parts well. If you are a horror movie or series lover, then you should definitely watch Live Telecast.

Furthermore, Live Telecast is available in seven different languages including Hindi.  So, even if you do not understand the Hindi or Tamil language, you can view it in the one you understand. Since Live Telecast was released, each episode made everyone happy and excited, that they could wait to watch the next episode.

Although all episodes have some amazing and fun elements, it came down to a very ridiculous climax. Do you want to know more about Live Telecast or where you can watch it? Well not to worry because this article will enlighten you more on everything you need to know about Live Telecast.

Cast & Characters

As stated above, there are award-winning and incredible actors on Live Telecast. You might also find your favorite actors or actresses on the web series. However, below are some of the cast and characters in the web series. Check them out

  • Kajal Aggarwal as Jennifer Matthew
  • Vaibhav reddy as shekhar
  • Nandi as kalaivaani
  • Ashwin kumar as DOP Ashwin
  • Daniel Annie pope as vj aravind
  • Priyanka Nair as shenbagam

Although the above are not all the characters in Live Telecast, there are main characters you should look forward to when you want to watch Live Telecast. They brought the characters to life in a very amazing way that you won’t have a choice but be glued to your sit.


The story centers on Jennifer Mathew also known as jenny. At the beginning of the series, she hosted a big part of her show called Dark tales. After a while her show scrapped, and jenny decides to show her employers that she can direct the show and make it a hit with her crew. So she and her crew decided to do a live telecast of their experiences in a ghost-looking house also known as a haunted house in Shivkriti hills

However, during the live show, she and the entire crew gets trapped in the house with different supernatural powers taking control. What do you think will happen to the proud jenny? Will they get to escape from the haunted house? Why don’t you watch the horror web series and confirm?

Where Can I Watch Live Telecast?

Live Telecast is available on Disney+ Hotstar for all viewers to watch.  All you just need to do is sign up for an account, subscribe to the platform and you can watch. However, Disney+ Hotstar must be available in your country. Because if it isn’t you won’t be able to watch the web series on the platform.

Watch Live Telecast today with your friends and family. You will definitely enjoy watching it because Indian actors and actresses gave us something to talk about for a long time.