JB Hunt Driver Jobs With Visa Sponsorship

JB Hunt Driver Jobs With Visa Sponsorship – Are you seeking a driving job with visa sponsorship? Or perhaps you need a driving job that offers a decent paycheck? You don’t have to be concerned because you can apply for Driver Jobs with Visa Sponsorship on JB Hunt. JB Hunt is a reputable trucking company, founded in 1963.

JB Hunt Driver Jobs With Visa Sponsorship

Since its inception, this company has grown to become the largest and leading logistics company serving the US, Mexico, and Canada. In addition, JB Hunt offers a wide range of truck driving jobs to foreign and domestic workers globally.

You can work for JB Hunt as a local, regional, over-the-road (OTR), owner-operator driver, and more. The organization welcomes both inexperienced and seasoned employees. According to research, JB Hunt employs over 24,000 people to drive over 12,000 trucks.

JB Hunt offers two major orientation programs, including direct work and traditional orientation. These programs are designed to train applicants to improve and develop their skills. And after successfully completing the program, applicants get to receive payment.

You can take the orientation online and from the comfort of your home. They offer the best employee training and wellness programs. And applying for a job with JB Hunt Transport Services opens you to great opportunities.

An Overview of JB Hunt Driver Positions

As mentioned above, JB Hunt has a wide range of driving positions for new and experienced workers. The most popular positions include local, regional, OTR, straight truck, and owner-operator drivers.

Local Drivers

As a foreigner, you can apply for local driver jobs on JB Hunt and gain access to the benefits offered by the firm. Research shows half of the company’s drivers are local. Positions are available in the final mile, intermodal fleets, and dedicated contract services.

Regional Drivers

Also, you can apply for regional driving roles with JB Hunt. However, you will have to work for five or more days, including weekends. But you are to deliver items to surrounding states. Under this category, jobs are available in DCS and Intermodal fleets.

OverTheRoad OTR

Another job position you can apply for is an OTR driving job. Workers under this category are to deliver items throughout JB Hunt’s service areas. Also, you will likely be on the road for at least two weeks. However, you will get two days off.

Straight-Truck Drivers

Unlike other roles, you don’t need a CDL driving certificate to apply for a job under this category. There is also no requirement for prior experience. Your duties include delivering appliances, furniture, and fitness tools to customers. Positions under this category are available in the Final Mile services fleet for new and experienced drivers.

Owner Operator Drivers

Owner-operators provide the opportunity to work as self-employed bosses. They can also access a wide range of benefits. Free roadside assistance, fuel and insurance discounts, no forced dispatch, and compensation plans are examples of these. Available opportunities under this category include intermodal, truckload fleets, and dedicated drivers.

What Are the Benefits of JB Hunt’s Driver Jobs?

There are so many reasons why you work as a driver for JB Hunt. Aside from the fact that you can improve and upgrade your driving skills, it provides you with an avenue for meeting and connecting with others. And learning about new cultures and traditions. Other advantages of working at JB Hunt Driver Jobs are as follows:

  • Access to dental and vision coverage.
  • Drug Prescription
  • Health Savings.
  • Accident and Dismemberment Insurance
  • Life Coverage.
  • Paid Holiday.
  • Financial Wellness Program.
  • Purchase discount.

Lastly, you can get a visa sponsorship when you apply for truck driving jobs with JB Hunt. The company will pay for your travel costs and any other small expenses.

How Much Does a JB Hunt Driver Earn?

Based on research, the average salary of JB Hunt Drivers is $65,512. However, the annual salary you can earn depends on your qualifications. Also, the job type and location can determine your yearly pay. For instance, local drivers can earn $71,206, regional drivers can earn $87,740, and company drivers can earn $52.484.

Requirements to Apply for JB Hunt Driver Jobs with Visa Sponsorship

Just like other trucking companies offering visa sponsorship, there are requirements needed to apply for jobs with JB Hunt. These requirements must be met to be approved and granted a job permit. The standard requirements that every truck driver applying for jobs on JB Hunt must have include;

  • Validated CDL A or B.
  • You need a DOT health card.
  • Two valid identification forms are needed.
  • The date of birth details and social security number of the dependent to be covered by your JB Hunt employee benefits are requested.
  • An approved bank document or void check indicating your account and routing numbers.

How to Apply for JB Hunt Driving Jobs With a Free Visa

To help applicants apply for jobs with ease, JB Hunt has made it possible to start their application online. But to get started, you will need to visit the official website of JB Hunt on your web browser. On the official homepage, you will find the pre-qualify icon. Click on it to be directed to the application page.

  • Visit the official website of JB Hunt Online
  • Tap on the Pre-Qualify icon on the homepage.
  • Enter your first and last name.
  • Add your active phone number and email address as well.
  • Then, select your street, city, state, and enter your ZIP code.
  • Select your license type and years of experience.
  • Lastly, click on SUBMIT to complete your online application.

After completing your online application and being approved, the next step to completing your application will be discussed. However, make sure you enter the correct information during your application process. Note: Before applying for jobs on the platform, you can click on the “search job” icon to find available jobs.

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