iWatch – Buy The Latest iWatch Series Online

iWatch is a line of smartwatches produced by Apple Inc. Apple iWatch is incorporated with Health-oriented Capabilities, Fitness Tracking, and Wireless Communication. It can also connect to your iPhone and other Apple products to make life easier for you.

iWatch - Buy The Latest iWatch Series Online

You can easily connect your iOS device to the iWatch to make calls, send texts, get notifications and keep healthy. It is not your regular wristwatch and that is why it is regarded as a Smartwatch. According to research, the Apple Smart Watch was released in April 2021 and became one of the best-selling wearable devices.

About 4.2 million Apple iWatch was sold out during its inception and up till today, the smartwatch is still among the best selling smartwatch in the market. Each year, Apple introduced a new smartwatch in series and they come with improve internal components and functions.  And each Apple iWatch is labeled by Apple a “Series” and they all have different functionality and features.

Currently, the latest and newly released Apple iWatch is the Series 7 with GPS and is the most advanced Apple smartwatch. However, aside from Apple Watch Series 7 with GPS, there are other Apple Watches you need to look out for. Keep reading through this article, to discover some of these Apple iWatches.

Overall Best Apple iWatches

There are several Apple Watches in the market today and searching for the best watch can be quite overwhelming. Nevertheless, you can read through this write-up as we have carefully selected some of the best Apple iWatches you can shop for. Some of the best iWatches are; Apple iWatch Series 7, Apple Watch SE, iWatch Series 6, iWatch Series 5, iWatch Series 4, iWatch Series 3.

Overview of the Best iWatches

iWatch Series 7

The Apple Watch Series 7 is the newest and Latest Apple Watch that comes with improved features and functionality. It is bigger and better than its predecessor the Apple Series 6 but just slightly. Apple Series 7 has a 20% larger screen and features a fast-charging capability. It comes with GPS and Cellular and can measure your blood oxygen, take ECG. In addition, it is crack resistant, dust resistant, water resistant, and very durable. You can purchase series 7 with GPS and Cellular for $499 and with only GPS for about $399.

iWatch SE

Apple Watch SE is another top Apple smartwatch with full functionality and features. Research has shown that Apple SE is ranking more than the Apple 6 Series. Just like Series 7, it has a GPS, water resistance features, and great fitness tracking ability. The smartwatch has a smart design and is compatible with any iOS device. It has a storage space of 36 GB and many other extensive features. You can the Apple SE iWatch with GPS and Cellular for about $329 and with GPS for$279.

iWatch 6

Despite the shortcoming of the iWatch Series 6, there are still some amazing features that are available on the device which cannot be found in the series 5. The Apple Series 6 has a great color and is always on display. However, the screen isn’t as large as the Series 7 but it is slightly better and more expensive than the series 5.  Apple iWatch Series 6 price start from $399 for the GPS Model and for the GPS and Cellular Model it cost about $499.

iWatch Series 5

iWatch Series 5 is another great Apple smartwatch that is definitely worth buying. It has a wireless charging method, 32 GB Storage space, water-resistant to 50m, and is compatible with all iOS devices. It is as good as the Apple Series 6 and is a great option for everyone. You can either select the Apple iWatch Series 5 40MM or 44MM case and it comes with a wide range of variety of fitness features. You can purchase the Series 5 for about $399, the stainless steel case starts from $699, and the titanium costs $799.

iWatch Series 4

Apple iWatch Series 4 was once the top best Apple Smartwatches but is now very cheap to buy. Nevertheless, the smartwatch still features amazing features like a larger display, lightweight design, water-resistant to 50m, wireless charging method. It also comes in 40MM and 44MM Variants. This particular tech watch has an ECG Feature within the heart rate tracker which is also found in Apple watch 5 and newly released ones but not the older series. iWatch Series 4 cost $399 for GPS and $499 for the GPS and Cellular model.

iWatch Series 3

The Apple iWatch Series 3 is also a popular Smartwatch but has been bumped down by new Apple watches like Series 7, 4, 5, 6, and SE. It has a smaller display than the Apple Watch 4 and features an ECG monitor on the device. It has Fitness, health, and connectivity features and is a great option for everyone searching for a cheap Apple Watch to purchase. Apple iWatch Series 3 cost about $199.

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