iDates – Flirt, Chat, and Meet Singles Online

iDates – Dating is a word that is very common in today’s world especially among youths. Dating is widely seen as an important aspect while trying to start a relationship. While dating, you get to know more about your proposed partner, which includes their likes and dislikes. Many are yet to find someone to date while some already have someone they are dating.

iDates - Flirt, Chat, and Meet Singles Online

However, this article is aimed at those who are looking for a dating partner. If you are the type who has been searching for where to find a soulmate, meet new people and connect with others across the globe, iDates is hugely recommended for you.

iDates is an online dating platform that gives room to single men and women and men from different parts of the world. On iDates, you can chat, flirt, and meet thousands of people who share similar interests with you.

Presently, dating platforms are now the most used means of meeting new faces and getting in touch with people. A lot of people have now abandoned the idea of going clubbing as they prefer searching for a perfect match using any of the vast majority of dating sites available for use.

Why Should I Use iDates?

If you are looking for a perfect match but have yet to sign up with iDates, you’re really missing out on a lot of things. Dating online is a thing that is done in this contemporary time by all categories of individuals. You can quickly get in touch, date, chat, flirt, and have an interesting conversation with people on the iDates dating site. This dating site is open to young adults, men, and women who are interested in having a meaningful conversation and taking just friendship relationships into the level.

iDates App

For mobile users, you can use the iDates app on your mobile device and take your dating experience to the next level. Apart from accessing this dating site via its official website, you can also use its app on your respective mobile. With the app, you can find singles nearby and far away from you. And who can tell if it is on this platform, you will find your life partner.  Never give up due to the number of broken relationships you’ve experienced. Try downloading the app today and be rest assured that you will find a perfect match for yourself. However, the iDates app is only available on Android devices on Google Play. If you are making use of an iOS device, you should look elsewhere for other dating sites. as iDates is not available on the App Store.

iDates Sign Up

Getting started on iDates is pretty easy as with other dating sites. Unlike many other dating platforms, creating an account on this dating site is free of charge. There are no hidden fees or a paid membership on iDates and you will never pay to read any messages you receive or send. In the meantime, you can sign up in three different ways. You can register either with Google, Facebook, or Email. Steps to sign up using any of these methods will be provided below;

Signing Up With Facebook

  • Select Facebook from the iDates sign up page.
  • Facebook will then ask for permission to allow iDates access your account.
  • If you’re willing to continue, click on Continue as [Your Name].

Signing Up With an Email

To sign up with an email address;

  • Click on the three parallel lines at the top of the homepage.
  • Select ‘’Registration’’ from the options displayed.
  • Enter the required information on their respective fields.
  • Having done that, accept the terms and conditions and tap the ‘’Register’’ button below.

Signing Up with Google

  • Visit the iDates dating site on your device browser.
  • Select Google on the homepage.
  • On the next page, select the account you’d like to use to sign up if you have more than one Google account signed in on your device.

There you have it! You are now a Bonafide Member of the iDates dating where you can meet thousands of singles online and find your perfect match. New users get 100 coins for free as soon as they create an account.

iDates Login

The iDates login process is a key to access your iDates account online. Also, note that you cannot process the iDates login without first processing the sign-up. The reason is, the iDates login info or credentials is gotten from the information you must have provided during sign up. However, if you have signed up for the dating site, here are steps below by which you should follow to process your login;

  • Visit the iDates website
  • Locate and click on the Login button
  • Provide your login info which includes your email address or username and password
  • Click on the Login button

After processing the Login, you can now access your iDates account. Add friends, chat up friends and find a dating partner.

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