How you Can Earn Money with MyPoints

Wondering how you can earn money with MyPoints? Well, you should stick around for this blog post to find out about this. Rewards sites are one of the easiest ways to earn money online, and MyPoint is among the few. Many people are looking for ways they can earn extra income, and they might want to check out reward sites like MyPoints. Stick around to learn more about this reward site.

How you Can Earn Money with MyPoints

When you shop at your favorite retail stores, you get 40% cashback from MyPoints. Nothing can beat the feeling of coupons and cashback on every purchase made, and MyPoint offers just that. On this platform, users earn rewards when they shop, and these rewards can later be redeemed for cash.

Furthermore, MyPoint doesn’t reward shoppers alone; users can earn points by completing simple tasks such as taking surveys, playing games, watching videos, and many more. These points can be redeemed later for gift cards, cash, and other items.

What is MyPoints?

MyPoints is an online rewards platform where users can earn points by shopping at retail stores such as Target and Amazon. Members can also earn points by completing simple tasks such as taking a survey, watching videos, playing games, and a lot more. MyPoints is one of the oldest and longest-running rewards sites, and it offers rewards and cash to people in Canada and the United States.

Established in 1996, MyPoints has over 20 million users who can access its official website or mobile app. When shopping online, users earn MyPoints, which can be redeemed for cash or gift cards later.

How Does MyPoints Work

One major benefit of using MyPoints is the point-earning system. This platform is not just a survey-taking system; it offers multiple ways members can earn reward points:

  • Reading promotional emails
  • Playing video games
  • Watching online videos
  • Taking online surveys
  • Using MyPoints Yahoo search engine
  • Referring a friend to the program
  • Printing and using in-store coupons
  • Participating in local deals and voucher offers 

What’s good about this list is that there is something for everyone. Members can choose the program they like best and earn points in a comfortable venue. The points earned can be redeemed for gift cards, cash gifts, or even travel miles with United MileagePlus. Members can also select from more than 70 retailers and restaurants if they prefer a gift card.

Furthermore, if you prefer to earn extra bucks, you can redeem your MyPoints for a Visa prepaid card or PayPal deposit. Or you can transfer them to United MileagePlus and make use of the points to book flights. The value of the points varies depending on the redemption choice; however, the points are worth 0.6 cents per point and the gift cards range from $5 to $100.

Features of MyPoints

There are lots of features that members get to enjoy while using MyPoints, and some of them include:


This is MyPoint’s built-in browser. This will be used when shopping online, and while you are busy checking out items, your account will be credited automatically with points depending on what you purchase.

This is a great feature because many people don’t remember to use MyPoints when shopping. The score offers vouchers, coupons, deals, and the latest promos, which make it easier and faster to gather points.

Daily Deals

Daily deals are one of the most loved features on this platform. It’s presented as the biggest promotion that users can get while using MyPoints daily. However, this feature doesn’t have a pop-up notification like another website that offers information on ongoing deals.

Shop In-Store

The shop in-store option isn’t common on other survey-taking platforms, and using this feature with MyPoints makes it easier. This is one of the easiest ways to redeem your points. When you are shopping in the participating stores, all that is needed to do is scan the receipt using your smartphone, and that is it. You have just paid for your purchase by using your MyPoints rewards points.

Shop Online

If you don’t want to shop in-store, you can shop online. Check the list of participating retailers and tap on the one that you want to shop at, and then you will get redirected to their official website. By shopping online, you get a specific number of points per dollar you spend, and the MyPoints will be credited to your account automatically. Here are some of the participating retail stores:

  • Kohl’s
  • Target
  • Home Depot
  • Amazon
  • Walmart

The reward state of each store varies. However, MyPoints rewards range from 1 to 40 points for every dollar spent.

Who Should Use MyPoints?

People who shop online and want to receive cash back for all their purchases should use MyPoints. Here are some other categories of people that should use My Points:

  • People who love giving feedback: MyPoint is a survey site, and people’s opinions are valued and appreciated with points.
  • People who spend more than 3 to 6 hours online: If you love staying online, then MyPoint is just the right site for you.
  • Coupon enthusiast: People who love collecting coupons must check out MyPoints. They can save money on items purchased by using coupons offered by MyPoints when they shop at the participating stores.
  • Online shoppers: While shopping online, you can earn points on this platform which can be redeemed later for cash or a gift card.
  • People who are looking for extra income: On this website, you can earn points in exchange for coupons, cash, or gift cards.

With MyPoints, you can earn money and save money on items purchased at participating retail stores.

How to Make Money with MyPoints

How you Can Earn Money with MyPoints – Making money on reward sites has never been easier. MyPoints makes it easier for users to make money by taking surveys, reading emails, using coupons, shopping, and watching videos. While doing all these, the members earn points, which can be redeemed for cash or gift cards.

The more points you collect, the more value you will get when they are exchanged. Many people get points throughout the year and exchange them for cash when they want to purchase something. The points can be redeemed through PayPal, gift cards, or a United MileagePlus account.

The gift cards can be used on popular sites like Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and iTunes. In addition, when users sign up for an account, they get a $10 fee after they have made their first cashback purchase with MyPoints.

MyPoints Sign Up

How you Can Earn Money with MyPoints – Signing up for MyPoints is very easy, and it is completely online. You can sign up on the website or on the mobile app. Follow the steps below to sign up for an account:

  • Connect to the internet.
  • Open your web browser and visit the official MyPoints website at
  • On the homepage, enter your email and password in the space provided
  • Tap on the “Join Now” button.

And that’s it. To activate your account, click the verification link in your email, and then you can start earning points on MyPoints. There is also a sign-up bonus of $10, which is redeemable through a prepaid Visa card or Amazon.

How Can I Redeem MyPoints?

How you Can Earn Money with MyPoints – Members can redeem points for gift cards after gathering 700 points, which is equivalent to a $5 gift card. There are also other ways to redeem MyPoints, and here are some of them:

  • Covert points to airline miles with United MileagePlus accounts
  • Shop at participating retail stores such as Old Navy, Walmart, Target, Amazon, and others.
  • Redeem points for cash by transferring them to your PayPal account and then to your bank account.

According to the site’s help section. The gift cards sent via postal mail take about two weeks to arrive, while the eGift cards can take 3–10 business days.

Sites Like MyPoints

There are other survey-taking sites like MyPoints where members can earn points by completing a simple task or just shopping. Here are some sites like MyPoints:

  • InboxDollars
  • Swagbucks
  • Dosh
  • Shopkick

And many more. Through these sites, many people have been able to save money on items purchased and also earn extra income.

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