How to Cancel Your Planet Fitness Membership

How to Cancel a Planet Fitness Membership: Planet Fitness is one of the most popular gym chains with a wide variety of equipment and services, which makes it a choice for many.

How to Cancel Your Planet Fitness Membership

However, after registering, there are reasons why you might want to cancel your gym membership, but Planet Fitness doesn’t offer a simple cancellation process for canceling your gym membership.

Not to worry, there are several ways you can cancel your Planet Fitness membership. You can cancel your membership by visiting a nearby Planet Fitness gym and canceling your membership in person, or by writing a cancellation letter.

Whatever method you choose, the step-by-step process on how to cancel your membership will be provided for you in this blog post.

How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership in Person

It is impossible to cancel your Planet Fitness membership by phone, so you will have to visit any Planet Fitness gym closest to you and talk to an agent to help cancel your membership. The instructions below will guide you:

Step 1: Write Down the Details That You Need

To cancel your Planet Fitness membership, you will need to have your membership identification number. You will need some personal details, such as your social security number, your address, your date of birth, and your driver’s license.

Step 2: Next, Write One-Page Documents Requesting to Cancel Your Membership

When writing your request to cancel your membership, ensure that it is in line with the contract’s specifications. In your letter, mention that you want to waive your cancellation fee. If you are qualified, state the reason why.

In addition, make sure that you note the documentation that you are adding to the letter. Make sure that you add all your details. You also need to add the last four digits of your SSN and your driver’s license number.

Step 3: Check the Hours for the Planet Fitness Membership Service Department

After writing the request to cancel your membership, the next step is to call the department and ask for a meeting to cancel your gym membership.

Step 4:Explain Why You Want to Cancel your Membership

Meet the representative and then hand over the written documentation.

Step 5: Request the Cancellation in Writing

Ensure that you request a signature from a Planet Fitness employee. You will need proof that you have canceled your gym membership because you might need this later.

Step 6: Make an Arrangement to Cancel any Future Monthly Payment

You might need to pay for another month; however, ensure that the payment is canceled. Ensure that you settle any cancellation fees so that you can make sure that your membership is canceled.

Step 7:Ask for the Number and Name of an Appropriate Contact Person

If you get into trouble after canceling, then you can contact an employee to address the problem.

Step 8: Monitor your Bank Statements or Credit Card

If your annual or monthly charges show up, then that shouldn’t be there. The next thing to do is to contact the gym.

By following the steps listed above, you will be able to cancel your Planet Fitness membership in person.

How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership By Certified Letter

Another way to cancel your Planet Fitness membership is to write a letter requesting the cancellation of your gym membership. Here is how to do it:

Step 1: Another Way to Cancel your Planet Fitness Membership is to Send a Letter

This is because certified letters can be tracked, and you can make sure that the gym gets the letter. If you want to send a certified letter, you can buy the postage for certified mail at the post office. Then you can choose either physical or electronic delivery of the signature.

Step 2: Gather Your Letter

Don’t forget to add a letter requesting the cancellation of your Planet Fitness membership, your details, your documentation, and the justification for waiving your fees. Then you request that they send a notice of cancellation in writing and provide a phone call to confirm that your Planet Fitness membership is cancelled.

Step 3: Take The Letter to The Post Office

Give this to a Planet Fitness employee. The certified mail has to be handed to an employee to get a return signature.

Step 4: Contact the Gym if you Haven’t Received any Notice of your Membership Cancellation

If you did not receive any notification that your membership is canceled within 7 days, then you can contact an employee and talk to them.

Step 5: Check Your Account

ensure that you don’t have any monthly or yearly charges other than what you have agreed to pay. If you have extra charges, then you need to visit Plant Fitness and show them proof of cancellation.

After following the steps above, the cancellation will immediately be effective, and you won’t be billed every month for your Planet Fitness gym membership.

How to Cancel a Planet Fitness Membership Online

You might be wondering if you can cancel your Planet Fitness membership online. Well, you can, if you are eligible.

Although most members will need to visit the gym to cancel their membership or even send out a letter, some members are qualified to cancel their membership online based on the type of membership and the location of the gym.

To know if you are eligible, you need to contact and talk to a staff member.

Is there a cancellation fee?

No, there isn’t. Planet Fitness doesn’t have any cancellation fees because most membership plans are every month and do not require any commitment.

However, if your gym membership has only a minimum term and you cancel the membership before the term is up, then you will be charged up to $58.

If you want to avoid being charged, ensure that you cancel your membership by the 25th of the month before your due date.

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