Google Shopping – Find Products From Online Stores

One of the things that make Google one of the most used websites globally is the introduction of new products or features. Undoubtedly, Google has several products that can be used by its users. Google Shopping is however a Google Product that allows you to enjoy shopping better. Shopping has never been easier, but with Google shopping, you can take your shopping experience to the next level. So, the question to ask now is ‘’How can I Shop on Google’’.

Google Shopping - Find Products From Online Stores

With Google Shopping, you can find and browse products, compare products from different Google online merchants. Google has really been of great help and its shopping portal has helped several merchants to advertise and make their products visible to audiences that are interested.

 This shopping app has been for more than a decade and on several occasions, the name has been changed. At a time, it was known as Froogle, Google Product Search, and Google Products. Also, Google Express enables you to find a product from thousands of retailers and big brands like Walmart, Best Buy, and the rest was merged into a refurbishing version of Froogle

Google Shopping App

To make shopping more comfortable for both sellers and buyers, it provides an app for mobile users. You can shop on Google using the Froogle app on your Android and iOS devices. On the contrary, Google Shopping is only available for residents of the U.S. In other words, the Google Shopping App is accessible to people residing in the U.S. The Mobile App, however, enables you to directly access the Froogle Homepage. On the Homepage, shoppers can search and access their Google shopping list, notification setting, and order history.

Meanwhile, you can access the google online store from its web. On the Google Shopping web, you can either go to the Google search homepage and enter a search query, then select the shopping tab under the navigation bar.

Likewise, you can go to the Homepage to search for your specific items, browse departments and also see promotional offers and trending items. Froogle is absolutely free to access and it only requires your personal Goggle account so as to be able to purchase or sell on the platform.

Google Merchant Center

The Google Merchant Center refers to a digital platform where online sellers can upload their products and also make them available to interested customers. Also, with the aid of the merchant center, you can provide information and details about your online store, it’s taxes or shipping.

The products you see on the Google shopping platform have been uploaded using the Google Merchant Center. This platform will help to grow, promote your eCommerce store.

Furthermore, On the Google Merchant center retailers can add a Google Shopping promo code. When you add the code, the Code then gets listed on products that have promotions on the Google Shopping ads. With the Promo code shopper’s check out discounts and offers you have for them.

The merchant center will help your business reach more customers and drive more traffic to your site. However, you need to sign up for the Google Merchant Center with your Email address. Now you can start listing your products and your customers get to enjoy Google smart shopping.

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