Google My Business Sign Up – Get Your Business On Google

How do I sign Up for a Google My Business Account and is signing Up for a Google Business Account worth it? In the meantime, Google My Business is a free tool created by Google to help business owners connect with customers searching for their products and services on Google search and Maps.

Google My Business Sign Up - Get Your Business On Google

Every day, Millions of People from across the world are searching for businesses like yours on Google Search and Maps. When you sign Up for a Google My Business Account, this provides you the opportunity of connecting with them with ease. It allows you to Manage your Business profile, Post Updates to your Business Profile, and make necessary changes to your account when needed.

In addition, Google Business gives you the power to attract and Engage customers, read and respond to review, build a relationship with your customers, and more. Using, Google My Business helps to showcase your business to the world. And this can only be achieved once you sign up for an account.

The Google My Business Sign Up is free and you won’t be charged a dime. You can either sign up for an account via the official website or with the mobile app for Android and iOS users. To successfully register your Business on Google, you will need to enter information about your business, products, and services on the website.

How to Sign Up for Google My Business

Meanwhile, it is quite easy to sign Up for a Google My Business Account and no payment is required to set up an account. The sign-Up page can be accessed via the Google My Business Website or Mobile app for android and iOS users. As stated above, you will need to enter your Business Information to successfully create an account.

Also, you will need a Google account to sign Up for the service. If you don’t have a Google or Gmail account. You will need to first sign Up for one before proceeding to sign up for your Google My Business Account. Below are the steps and guidelines to follow to sign Up for an account;

  • Open your Device web browser
  • Visit the official website of Google My Business
  • On the next page, Click on MANAGE NOW
  • Login to your Google Account
  • On the Google My Business Sign Up Page
  •  Tap on Add Business to Google
  • Enter your Business Name
  • Select your Business Category and tap on NEXT
  • On the next page, you will be required to enter your Location, select either YES OR NO
  • If YES, Position your Business on the Map
  • Input your Contact Information

Finally, if you wish to receive updates and notifications, click on YES and then tap on FINISH. After successfully creating your Google My Business Account, you can proceed to start listing your products and services on the Platform.

Is Signing Up For A Google My Business Account Worth it?

Yes!!! signing Up for a Google My Business Account is definitely worth it. Google My Business as stated above, provides your Business the opportunity of showing up when it matters most. It also enables you to promote your business, reach more customers and create awareness for your business.

In addition, Google My Business is free to use and it doesn’t require you to spend a dime to access its services. You can access your Google Business Profile using your Smartphones or via your Desktop. It is one of the most convenient ways to drive more traffic to your websites. This is because Google My Business allows your business to show on Google Search and Maps. In conclusion, Signing Up for Google My Business Account is worth it.

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