Download Google Chrome – Google Chrome | Web Store Extension

Download Google Chrome: Google chrome is one of the online web applications developed by Google, which makes use of WebKit engine layout. Since Google Chrome is a free application, it allows its users to browse through the web page and also download different files or apps.

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The Google Chrome web browser can also be accessed or used on different platforms:

  • MacPC (apple computer).
  • WindowPC.
  • Andriod OS (mobile device).
  • IOS(mobile device).

Millions of users online make use of different web browsers to be able to browse through the web page. And Google Chrome is becoming increasingly popular as a result of the following:

  • Load Time Speed.
  • Google Chrome Store.
  • Themes.
  • Privacy.
  • Security (Safe Browsing protection).
  • Stability.

Download Google Chrome - Google Chrome | Web Store Extension

Before choosing any web browser to use, it is important you consider the above list of features. Google takes security very seriously, and this is applicable to whatever application it releases for public use.

Google chrome can also be used for multiple tasks. This means that you can access and also process different types of files with ease and also very fast.

Learn more about Google Chrome here

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Google Chrome Store

Google Chrome Store is one of the unique features of the google chrome web browser. The Google Chrome Store is a digital market where several applications for chrome are available for download. Some of the features of the Google Chrome Store include:

  • Extensions.
  • Themes.
  • Apps.
  • Games.

These features are only available on Google Chrome Store, and can only work on chrome. This means that you will only be able to download from the Google Chrome Store only after you have installed Google Chrome on your mobile device or PC. And can’t be installed on your PC they are called plugins.

Also note that these features (Web Store Extensions, Themes, Apps, and Games) are plugins found on the Google Chrome Store and cannot be installed on your PC they are called plugins.

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How to Access Google Chrome Store | Chrome Web Store Extension

Before you will be able to access the Google Chrome Store, you should already have Google Chrome installed on your PC or mobile device.

If you do not have Google Chrome, you can click here and follow the instructions on Download Google Chrome for all Devices below to download it for free.

Once you have Google Chrome on your device, you will be able to download any extensions for free from the Chrome Web Store. Please follow the steps below to be able to access the plugins in the chrome web store.

  1. Go to the menu by the top right corner of your device
  2. Click on more tools and then click on extensions.
  3. Scroll down and also click on get more extensions.

Google Chrome | Download Google Chrome for all Devices

  1. Enter the official URL or click here.
  2. Scroll to the download section at the top.
  3. Select your device from the list of the displayed device (you will see for personal computers and for mobile).
  4. Click on the download link to begin the download.
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