Free Movie Streaming Websites: Movie Streaming Websites

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There are lots of Free Movie Streaming Websites on the internet. While some people will want to download movies directly from the internet, some others will want to watch movies online without downloading them.

Since watching movies by downloading them consumes time and also cost much, people now prefer to watch movies online in movie streaming websites. I have compiled a list of some the best free movie streaming websites for your watching pleasure.

Some of the video streaming websites on the internet can be very risky. This means that your device may come in contact with some Viruses and Malware. Also, some of the other best movie streaming websites will ask you subscribe for some amount of money before you will be given access.

One of the video streaming websites that will ask you subscribe is Netflix, Hulu. Netflix will give you one free month and then start deducting from your account automatically. Apart fro the charges which may not be affordable by some people especially students, Netflix and Hulu is quite great.

The free movie streaming websites listed  are just the once which are updated regularly, trusted, compatible with whichever device you want to use and of course FREE!

So guys, if you want safe free movie streaming websites to watch free movies online,  I’ll recommend you try the free movie streaming websites that will be listed. Also note that before you will be able to stream movies online, you will need a strong internet or wifi connection.

Top Free Movie Streaming Websites in 2016

These are some of the best free movie streaming websites in 2016. These streaming movies websites have been tried and tested and work very well. Sometimes, you may not find the movie of your choice in one video streaming websites and if so, you can try some other movie streaming websites.


Putlocker is one of the popular and free movie streaming sites where you can get the latest movie at zero cost. Putlocker offers lots of Putlocker movies at various quality range so that the quality can be properly optimized for use on both mobile and PC. While using Putlocker, you can also download movies too.

  1. FreeStreamingMovies

Freestreamingmovies is also one of the best free movie streaming websites on the internet. You will be able to stream TV Shows, TV series and also movies. The movies in this free movie sites are arranged according to the year the particular movie is released. The quality of the movies is also very good and is also easy to watch using your mobile device. Also, you will not be asked to go through any rigorous registration process or signups before you will be able to stream the movies online.

  1. is a free movie site, where you can watch free movies in European area.  has a lot of ads, but despite this, the video streaming site is still good. You can use Viooz to watch the latest movies and also TV shows. Users of this movie streaming website are also not required to sign up or register before watching any movie.

  1. MyMovieDownloadTube

Mymoviedownloadtube allows users to stream movies online and also download them. The movies on this website are also arranged according to categories.The video streaming site is frequently updated and does not require signups or any registrations. MyMovieDownloadTube is compatible with all devices.

This movie streaming website also has a very good user interface which makes it easy to use. You can also download games from this site.

  1. NewMoviesOnline

NewMoviesOnline is among the best free movie streaming websites where the movies are regularly updated. NewMoviesOnline also supports HTML5 which makes it compatible with all devices. When you use NewMoviesOnline, you will not be asked to signup or login before you will be able to watch movies online. This website also arranged the contents according to their genres and the quality is also good.

  1. MovieNight

Movienight has a good user interface which makes it easy to watch movies online, with high-quality contents which are updated regularly.  You will not be asked to signup before you can watch movies. This site is also compatible with all devices and you can get lots of suspense and detective movies here.

  1. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is one of the best out there. This site is one of the top streaming websites in the USA, and is also very consistent in their updates and quality. Popcornflix has a wide range of collection of latest TV shows, TV series and movies. Also, you will not be asked to register or signup to watch movies.

  1. TubePlus

Tubeplus is a free movies sites, which updates regularly with high movie quality. Tubeplus also has a user-friendly interface which makes navigation very easy. You can stream movies online using TubePlus without having to signup. This free movies sites is also focused majorly on recently released holly wood movies and offers top TV shows and TV series.

  1. MoviePlanet

movie planet is a popular movie streaming websites to watch movies online. The content on MoviePlanet is of high quality with regular updates of recently released movies. On like the other free movie sites listed, this video streaming websites will require you to signup for watching movies and will also redirect you to third party sites to watch movies online.


Zmovie is also a popular and famous online streaming website. The contents on this online movie site are also arranged according to their genre. Before you will be able to use this website, you will be asked register or sign up. This free online streaming sites is quite popular in India and the contents are also mostly related to developing countries.


Primewire has a good content quality and large library of free movies and also music. This free movie streaming websites has a good user interface and is also compatible in all devices. But using this free movie website means you will have to register or signup before you will be able to watch movies online. Primewire also offers TV series, TV shows and movies, has a low loading speed of movies.


movies4k is quite famous in Europe. This free movie streaming website also has high quality Movies of different genre and is famous for holly wood movies. This online streaming websites is rather slow in updating their contents, but is still mobile friendly and supports almost all devices.


VKFlix is another free movies streaming websites which streaming speed is very fast. VKFlix is also ads free, has good quality contents and also a great user interface which is user friendly and makes navigation easy. VKFlix does not require signup for watching movies.

If you know of any free movie streaming websites that is safe and also reliable, please comment below so that it can be added.