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Facebook Marketplace Community: Facebook marketing has never been more effective. On your Facebook Marketplace community, you stand a chance to meet a large market waiting for the products and services you offer. Facebook marketing has made buying and selling a lot easier and better plus, your business awareness increases. This is one of the Facebook marketplace community offers all its users.

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Facebook buying and selling differs from other commercial platforms. On Facebook buying and selling, you get connected to several people living in the same city or state together. This connection enables them to see who and what item is placed up for sale in their city.

Facebook Marketplace Buy and Sell

On the marketplace, you are given a chance to select your region, and only people within your locality would see you on the marketplace. This helps as it increases the rate of speedy deliveries and also reduces the chances of fraud.

On the Facebook marketplace community, you can buy and sell what you want as long as its within the marketplace terms and policies. While placing your products on the Facebook Marketplace community, ensure there are of good quality, to prevent complaints and refunds.

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Facebook Marketplace How to Buy and Sell

How to Buy

To buy on the Facebook Marketplace online, follow the steps below;

  • Once you login to Facebook, visit the marketplace
  • While in, search for a product you want to buy.
  • Click to message.
  • Then message the seller that sells the item you are interested in and want to buy.

Once you send a message, both you and the seller can discuss the payment method and how you would get the product to them.

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How to Sell

To sell on the Facebook Marketplace community, follow the steps below;

  • While logged to Facebook, go to the market place.
  • Proceed to click on sell something.
  • Enter what you want to sell, upload a picture, and enter all the correct details of the item.
  • Then, click post

When you click post, your item will automatically be displayed on the Facebook Marketplace community for others to see.

How to Locate Facebook Marketplace Community

If this is your first time to hear about it, with no idea on how to locate it, the steps below will provide insight to accessing Facebook Marketplace online;

  • Login Facebook account.
  • Facebook Marketplace can be opened on any device provided the device has access to Facebook.
  • When your Facebook account is opened, tap on the shop icon, and you will be opened to the marketplace.

On your desktop page, the shop icon is found on the left side of your screen. For iOS devices, you can find it at the bottom of the page, and for Android devices, it is located at the top of the page.

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