Chrome Web Store – Install And Manage Extensions on Chrome

What is Chrome Web Store and how can I access it? Chrome Web Store is an online site where Google Chrome users can browse through and add extensions, themes, and applications to their browsers. The extension will help you improve your internet experience both for your business and personal use. Chrome Web Store has lots of features available for all users.

Chrome Web Store - Install And Manage Extensions on Chrome

On the contrary, Chrome Web Store offers both free and paid apps. Some of the features were developed by Google while most were created by other developers. There are different ways that you can access the Chrome Web Store and one of the easiest and quickest ways is to open a new tab on your Google Chrome browser.

Once you have opened the new tab, you will see the site you visited frequently or the ‘’Apps’’ page where you will now see the Chrome Web Store button. If you see the most frequented or visited page, on the bottom of the screen tap on ‘’Apps’’.  The second easy option is to make use of the URL It will automatically direct to the Chrome web store page, where you can now find and browser through available things.

 What Can I Find on Chrome Web Store?

Just like I have stated above, you will be able to find the application that you can add. Themes that enable you to personalize and also extensions that will help improve your work. Check out the below for further information on what you can find.


Apps are one of the things you can add to your browser. They are also known as web apps. The apps are social websites that will be added to your new tab after you have downloaded the applications. Once you have navigated to the chrome webs store, you will have access to search for different apps using the search button. You also have access to search with categories like;

  • Social and communication
  • Productivity
  • News and weather
  • Games
  • Weather
  • Lifestyle
  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Games and many more


You can find extensions on the extensions page of the Google Chrome Store once you have added them to your browser. A good example of the extensions is the Mail checker. Take your time to check the available extensions that are in categories just like the Apps section. Below are some extensions we recommend to you;

  • Gmail Tweaks
  • Google Mail checker
  • Chat for Google
  • Google Translate

With the theme available on Google Web Store, you can improve your browsing experience. At the end of the Chrome Web Store menu, you will find the section of themes, where you can browse through different themes that can fit your browser. Below are our recommendations of themes that can fit your web browser perfectly;

  • Baseball (made by Google)
  • Brushed – made by Google
  • Lilly Pulitzer- made by artist

To add these amazing themes to your browser, just tap on them and click on ‘’choose theme’’, Now ‘add’’

How to Add & Install Extensions From the Chrome Web Store

Do you want to add extensions from the Chrome Extension store but you do not know how? Not to worry, the below is how you can do that;

  • Navigate to the Chrome Webstore
  • Find and choose the extension of your choice
  • Tap on add to chrome.
  • Most extension will inform you if they need certain data or permissions.

Note; you won’t be able to add extensions if your browser is in guest incognito mode. Also, make use you approve the reliable extension and the one you trust. To make use of the extensions, just click on the address bar button on the right hand

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