Caliber Home Loans – National Mortgage Lender

Interested in getting a mortgage or refinancing your home? Do you find it quite difficult or expensive? Well, there is a better way to make your dream home come true. With Caliber Home Loans, you can easily purchase or refinance a home and make payments after that.

Caliber Home Loans - National Mortgage Lender

Caliber Home Loans are very easy and convenient to apply for. As long as you provide the necessary details, you will encounter no hassle getting the loan.

In terms of secured loans, the most common type of loan that people apply for is a mortgage loan. Mortgage loans are secured loans in the sense that the lender can confiscate the home that the borrower used as collateral should there be a default in repayment.

What is Caliber Home Loans?

Caliber Home Loans, Inc. is a mortgage lending company that offers a wide range of home loan products to prospective borrowers across the United States. They help make your journey to owning a home as smooth as possible by offering tons of loan application facilitation tools.

One good thing about Calber Home Loans is that it gives prospective borrowers full-time support right from when they indicate their interest in applying for a loan to when they are approved and get the loan.

In addition, they have a plethora of loan consultants who are available to provide you with all the necessary information about the loan.

They provide information such as the loan rates, terms, fees, how to qualify, and interest rates. As a mortgage lender that is licensed in all fifty states in the U.S., you are guaranteed to get a consultant that will guide you throughout the loan application process.

What Type of Mortgage Loans Does Caliber Home Loans Offer?

As a mortgage loan originator, Caliber Home Loans caters to people with different home mortgage needs. Whichever type of loan it is that you need. Maybe you want to refinance a mortgage or purchase a home; you’re sure to get it on Caliber home loans.

Below are the loan options available on

Conventional Loans

One of the mortgage services offered by Caliber Home Loan is a conventional loan. A conventional loan, or mortgage, is a loan that isn’t backed up by any government agencies like the FHA or VA. They come with a colossal interest rate, and they require a good to excellent credit score to qualify for them.

FHA Loans

Unlike conventional loans, FHA loans are aimed at low-income borrowers who may not be able to get loans from private lenders due to their poor credit histories. It is backed up by the government, and it is a good choice for first-time homebuyers because of its flexibility.

VA Loans

This is a mortgage loan for active and veteran military personnel. It is insured by the federal government and issued by private lenders. If you’re a military member, this mortgage loan is ideal for you, as it provides you with ease and comfort when refinancing a mortgage or buying a home.

USDA Loans

A USDA loan is akin to an FHA loan in the sense that it is a no-down-payment mortgage. It is specially designed for potential borrowers in eligible towns and rural areas. If you are looking forward to buying a home but are unable to qualify for conventional loans, a USDA loan is definitely your best bet.

Smart Series

This is a kind of Jumbo mortgage for borrowers who are unable to qualify for conventional loans. Caliber Home Loans offers three types of Smart Series: SmartEdge, SmartSelf, and SmartVest.

This mortgage loan is available for borrowers who have as low as a 660 FICO credit score, and it has a debt-to-income ratio of up to 50%. Above all, you can apply for up to $3 million in loan amounts.

How to Apply for Caliber Home Loans

Instead of visiting this lender physically, Caliber Home Loans has an online platform where you can easily apply for a home loan. Through the website or the mobile app available for download on iOS or Android, you can easily apply for a loan.

Online, you can submit the required documents, download disclosures for loans, and even track the progress of your loan. Unfortunately, e-signature is not available for the online application.

What Credit Score Do I Need For Caliber Home Loans?

One of the requirements for applying for Caliber Home Loans is a good credit score. Due to the fact that Caliber Home Loans offers different mortgage options, the credit score you’ll need for each loan varies. For VA and FHA mortgages with Caliber Home Loans, you need a minimum credit score of 580.

For USDA and conventional mortgages, you need a credit score of 620 and 675, respectively. This means that you need to have a fair to good credit score.

Why Caliber Home Loans?

This mortgage lender builds a strong, lasting personal relationship with customers, making the right varieties of products and services available as required all through the homeownership journey. Here’s why you should make Caliber Home Loans your sure plug for all your mortgage services:

  • Wide variety of mortgage products: Whether you want to refinance your mortgage or buy a new home, Caliber Home Loans offers several mortgage products to meet every borrower’s needs. Regardless of whether you have a stellar or poor credit score, there is certainly a loan option for you.
  • First-time buyer assistance programs: As a first-time home buyer, it is likely that you will have difficulties with how to go about the loan application process. To that end, Caliber provides borrowers with several experienced loan consultants who can guide them through the borrowing journey.
  • Quick application process: The application process isn’t lengthy at all. In a few minutes, you can complete the application process and get a response about whether you’re approved or not.

There are a whole lot of reasons why you should make Caliber Home Loans your chum when it comes to anything mortgage-related. It also comes with a mobile app to keep you connected during the loan approval process.

How to Pay Back Home Caliber Loans

You can pay through your debit card or your bank account. You can also pay back with a check or cash by sending it to their mailbox. Another effective way is by calling the Caliber Loan customer service number to ask for directions.

Is Caliber Home Loans Legit?

Yes, this lender is legit and advisable to use. There is no need for panic or fear when getting a loan from them.

Immediately after you have applied for a home loan with them and completed all the processes, your money will be sent to your bank account. After an agreed number of years, you are to pay it back with a fixed interest rate.

Caliber Home Loans App

Instead of using the Caliber Home Loan website to apply for a loan, you can easily download the mobile app on your device. The Caliber Home Loan mobile app is a very effective platform that works almost the same way as the website.

It offers everything you will need, and it has a user-friendly interface. From your Google Play store or the Apple app store, you can find and download this app through the below steps.

  • Depending on whether you use Android or iOS, visit your App Store or the Google Play store.
  • Use the search to locate Caliber home loans.
  • Click on Install or Get on the given page.

Wait for the download to be completed, and then go on to creating an account or logging in to use the app. With the app, borrowers can manage and view the status of their applications.

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