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BeeTV is a social TV service for TV shows. Bee TV is a real-time, cross-platform hub for all consumers’ activity around TV.

The goal of BeeTV is to revolutionize the TV experience. They intend to do so by aiding consumers improve how they discover, communicate about, share, and also consume TV content. And also, by making a traditional social experience social in the digital world.

Bee TV was founded by leading media and technology veterans. BeeTV has been deployed with major European cable operators and launched its consumer Internet Social TV service in the United States in May 2011. With business offices in San Francisco, California, and Milan, Italy, BeeTV is based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

BeeTV - BeeTV Shows |

Categories On BeeTV

The Categories on Bee TV are quite straight forward. Once you log in to, all the categories are displayed just at the top of the page. The categories on Bee TV include the following:

  • TV Shows: In this category, you will be able to view all the TV shows that are available on BeeTV. The TV series collection is extensive, and it is arranged alphabetically. Also, all new TV shows that are added to the catalog are marked “New” which differentiates them from older collections. 
  • TV Listing Schedule: In this category, you will be able to see the dates when the Beetv shows are aired online. With these dates, you will be able to plan and make time available to watch your favorite TV shows.
  • How to Watch
  • Request Shows: In this category, you can comment on the show you want to be added to Bee TV if it is not yet added. Once you comment, the teams on Bee TV will be able to work on it and bring the show to Bee TV.

How to Watch Beetv TV Shows

Follow the steps below on how to watch Beetv TV shows:

Step 1. Select the “Title” of the TV Series that you wish to watch and click on the link.

STEP 2. After selecting, it will automatically prompt you to the page where you will be able to select the link with their corresponding Seasons and Episodes.

Step 3. Click on the link and it will automatically prompt you to the video screen page, click “Play” and you’re ready to go. Enjoy!!

All videos on Bee TV are checked before it is posted.