Bachelorette Australia: Georgia Love Choose Lee Elliot in the season finale!

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Bachelorette Australia winner is Lee Elliot! Georgia Love choose Lee over Matty Johnson as the winner of The Bachelorette Australia in the Bachelorette season finale. Bachelorette Australia: Georgia Love Choose Lee Elliot in the season finale!

Now that the Bachelorette Australia winner is being made public, Lee will now be able to finally declare he’d won the girl, and also be there publicly for Georgia Love as she and her family deal with her mother’s cancer battle.

“It’s a difficult situation at the best of times but obviously with the whole Bachelorette thing thrown in it’s made it exponentially worse,” Lee said.

“It just reiterated how much I want to be there with Georgia and be her rock. And now with this finale over I can. It doesn’t have to be a covert operation for me to see her. I can just get in the car and be there for her, not just emotionally but physically as well.”
“I couldn’t be more thankful that tonight the world found out I fell in love with Georgia Love.”

Meanwhile, a magazine has reported that the duo has also gotten married secretly in order to allow Georgia Love’s mother, Belinda, see her by her husband’s side, the couple laughed off the rumour saying it’s too early for them to even move in together, let alone get married.

“Both of us want a big party wedding with all of our friends and families at some point so there’s no way were going to run off and marry in secret two weeks after we met,” Georgia said.

Love’s mother is also pleased at the turn of events having told Love about her favourite contestant as she watched the series unfold on screen.

“I feel very blessed,” Elliot said.
“I went in to meet Belinda at the hospital last week and she told me, ‘I didn’t think Georgia would pick you.’

“I was like, ‘That doesn’t sound good!’ But she said, ‘No, you were my favourite and that’s why I didn’t think Georgia would choose you.’”

“She said I never choose boyfriends she likes,” Georgia Love also added.

“I can confirm the whole Love family are very much team Lee now.”

Bachelorette Australia: Georgia Love Choose Lee Elliot in the season finale!

Its also worthy to note that both Georgia and Lee had sparks right from their very first date. And having a tough start to their relationship, the couple said they have no doubt they’ll last the distance.

“I couldn’t imagine there are many things harder to come,” Love said.

“Even though it’s something that any couple should have to go through, especially so early on, the fact we have had to and have been able to stick together through all of this and have each other as support is only going to strengthen us.”

“I have absolutely found my soulmate, the love of my life and my best mate.” Lee added.

I wish the couple all the love they’ll ever need!