Apple Earbuds – Shop And Buy The Best Airpods

If you are wondering what people in the iTunes card advertisements put in their ears, it is called an Apple earbud. Apple Earbuds are quite a series of iconic white earphones that were shipped with all early iPod and iPhone models.

Apple Earbuds - Shop And Buy The Best Airpods

They were designed and widely marketed by Apple, Inc. Earbuds were later replaced by Apple’s current trending EarPods, which were introduced on September 12, 2012, right with the launch of the iPhone 5.

Originally, earbuds were shipped alongside the original iPod. The second generation, shipped with the second through early fifth generation of iPods, the iPod mini, and the first generation iPod nano, was redesigned to be a bit smaller after Apple received complaints from their customers that the earbuds were rather larger.

Apple Safety

Due to the high rate of theft and robbery of iPods, which has been a major problem in several countries, it has been recommended to replace the distinctive white earbuds with older headphones, which suggests cheaper equipment and also helps reduce robbery risk.

In George, the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority placed advertisements on each subway in New York that stated, “Earphones are a giveaway. In 2007, an increase in iPod robberies in San Francisco prompted BART officials to place flyers at stations warning every rider that the signature white earbuds could make them targets for theft.

Versions Of Apple Earbuds

As the year ran through, Apple made available several versions of earbuds. These versions include;

  • Basic Earbuds: These types of earbuds had no form of control. It was always shipped alongside the iPod until the 3rd generation iPod shuffle and iPod touch (with mode versions of 8, 32, and 64 GB). This third generation was shipped with newer earbuds made in Taiwan instead of Japan.
  • Shuffle Earbuds: This version came with a remote control, and they were only shipped with 3rd generation iPod shuffle
  • Apple Earphones: This version came with no controls or mic. It was shipped with the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and the 3rd generation iPod touch. But they were also sold separately.

In conclusion, all basic earbuds have control capsules that allow users to adjust volume and control music. They can also enjoy video playback, located on the cable of the right earpiece. The ones that were made with remote and mic also came with microphones for phone calls and voice notes.

Why Should I Buy Apple Earbuds?

With Earbuds, users can adjust music and video volumes via the remote control on the body. They could also playback, play/pause, and also next or go to a previous play.

Voice memos were also possible with Earbuds on supported iPhone and iPod models and also on Mac computers. During the reign of Earbuds, there was a series of complaints received. Users complained of moisture problems with the remote and mic Earbuds.

However, the original iPhone and iPhone 3G came with an iPhone Stereo headset that has a push button. It also has a microphone on its right side and it had no volume control. Lastly, it is only limited to control calls.

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