AnkerWork M650 – Excellent Wireless Microphone

The AnkerWork M650 is a wireless microphone made for recording on the go. It is also a great choice for content creators. This wireless microphone is made with convenience in mind. With its unique and amazing features, the AnkerWork M650 is definitely a good choice for purchase.

AnkerWork M650 - Excellent Wireless Microphone

In this article, we will take a look at all you need to know about the AnkerWork M650 wireless microphone. From its amazing features to its pricing, specs, and all. You might also wonder: Is the AnkerWork M650 worth buying? All these and more are what we will be considering in this article.

Features of AnkerWork M650

These are the features of the AnkerWork M650 wireless microphone and their benefits

  1. Voice Shield: The AnkerWork M650 uses a sensitive omnidirectional microphone to hone your voice and a DSP chip to optimize your voice and cut out background noise. This feature is especially beneficial for content creators and for recording on the go. It also helps to increase productivity by not limiting where and when you can record.
  2. Colorful Covers: The AnkerWork M650 comes with six sets of colorful covers that you can swap from time to time. Gadgets don’t have to be boring. These colorful covers make the microphone blend as sort of a fashion statement on your clothing.
  3. 2600 mAh battery life: The M650 can last up to 15 hours, which makes it incredible for long shoot days. The battery durability makes your work easier and faster, and you can avoid delays due to poor battery life when you use the AnkerWork M650. You can also enjoy fast charging even if you forget to charge your microphone.
  4. Smart Touchscreen: Save time and maximize the M650 with the smart touchscreen feature. You can easily navigate through the screen faster than when you use buttons.
  5. Dual-channel Lossless Pickup: This feature helps you record two sound sources at the same time. You can also store up to seven hours of uncompressed audio without a hard drive.
  6. Easy-to-use: The M650 is simple to use. Once you open the case, the transmitter and receiver automatically connect. The case also comes with USB accessories for easy connection if you want to upload files to your phone.
  7. Truelink 656-foot Transmission: This feature helps you keep your sound in sync and also connects microphones up to 656 feet away for lossless recording.


Wireless ConnectivityTrueLinkTM Technology with LC3plus Codec and 2 TX, 1 RX Combo
Time of OperationUp to 15 hours [with charging case] or Up to 6 hours

Acoustic Principle

VoiceShieldTM Noise Cancellation Technology


AnkerWork Computer Software

Wireless Range

200 m/656.2 ft

Transmitter [TX]

Onboard RecordingSeven hours
Replacement Cover×2
Weight30 g
Analog Input3.5 mm TRS
Wearable DesignBuilt-in Magnet / Back Clip

Charging Case

Battery2600 mAh
Dimensions1.9×2.1×5.3″ / 48.3×54.2×135.3 mm
Weight184 g / 6.5 oz

Receiver [RX]

Weight1.3 oz / 37 g
OutputsUSB-C for Computer, 3.5 mm TRS for Camera, and Built-in lightning for USB-C Adapter for Phone
Touch Display1.47″ touchscreen
Operating TimeUp to 6 hours / Up to 15 hours with charging case

How much is the AnkerWork M650?

The AnkerWork M650 wireless microphone is sold for $249.99 on the AnkerWork website. You can plan to buy this microphone in installments or purchase it all at once on their website; the choice is all yours.

Is the AnkerWork M650 worth buying?

You might be wondering if this wireless microphone is worth buying. To answer this question, considering the amazing features of the wireless microphone listed above, I think it is safe to say that this microphone is worth your money. With proper management and effective use, the M650 is sure to serve you for a long time.

What’s in the box?

The AnkerWork M650 comes with the following:

  • A wireless microphone.
  • A replaceable TX cover.
  • Different windscreen colors.
  • An AUX cable.
  • A USB-C port cable and adapter.
  • A lighting adapter.
  • A travel case.

How to Setup AnkerWork M650

The AnkerWork setup is easy to come by. The manufacturer says to just open and use. When you open the case, connect the receiver to a smartphone or PC. After the connection is established, turn on the microphone and you are good to go.

Where Can I Purchase AnkerWork M650

You can visit the AnkerWork website to purchase this wireless microphone or you can choose to visit other online stores to make your purchase. Here’s a list of other online stores you can visit to buy a M650 wireless microphone:

  • Amazon
  • Sennheiser
  • AKG
  • AnkerWork
  • Gadget Flow

You can visit any of the aforementioned websites to purchase this wireless microphone. The price of this microphone is the same [$249.99] on all the above-listed websites.