7 Trucking Companies That Sponsor Immigrants

7 Trucking Companies That Sponsor Immigrants.

Are you a truck driver with experience? and you want to drive in a foreign company with visa sponsorship. This post is on 7 Trucking Companies that Sponsor Immigrants. There are some trucking companies abroad, that sponsor immigrant to live and work.

To be eligible for sponsorships, you will need to be a perfect fit for the company and the role. Aside from the experience needed in working in these companies, you will also need to have a certain level of education. Truck drivers are in high demand. They are required to have good characters and a knack for following rules on the road.

Because of the high demands for truck drivers in foreign countries, drivers with experience are constantly needed. This will give immigrants the opportunity to live and work in a foreign company. This opportunity could also make immigrants legal residents of these companies. When you are approved for visa sponsorship, you will be able to move and begin work in the country.

7 Trucking Companies that sponsor Immigrants for Work

Lots of trucking companies sponsor immigrants to work abroad. The companies provide all the needed financial support for immigrants. This support also includes obtaining a visa and moving to the USA. An immigrant without this sponsorship will be unable able to come live and work in the United States.

Here are some of the foreign companies, that sponsor immigrants for work:

  • J.B. Hunt.
  • Swift Transportation.
  • Werner Enterprises.
  • Pepsi company.
  • CRST International.
  • Navajo Express.
  • Coca-Cola company.

This group of companies has been in the trucking business for years. This is a result of their business operation. Companies like Coca-Cola are soft drink and bottling companies. They move distribution of their products in trucks across states. So there are always in need of experienced drivers who have a good track record in truck driving. These companies also have a good long history of supporting immigrants. And a record of equitable pay.


Immigrant truck drivers are sponsored because they work hard and make valuable contributions to the company. The jobs at these companies can be long hours and also flexible hours.

Not just soft drinks or bottling, the trucking industry is a vital part of the US economy. They are vital in moving goods and farm products across the country. Without these companies providing these services, businesses like grocery stores would be unable to stock their stores.

Aside from the valuable role they play, trucking companies especially these 7 Trucking Companies that sponsor immigrants support the economy and provide jobs for millions of people. Their efforts and value are very important to the United States.

Benefits of becoming a sponsor?

Trucking Companies that sponsor immigrants. There are lots of benefits to becoming a sponsor for immigrants to a trucking company. One of these benefits is that it helps to provide the company with a steady supply of qualified truck drivers. This is most important, as there can be a shortage of truck drivers most times in these foreign countries.

Another benefit is that it can be a way of improving the company’s image. This sends a clear message that the company cares about diversity and inclusion in their staff ratio. Acts of sponsoring immigrants can make the company look attractive to other immigrants, ensuring that their pool to employ from is never dry.

Lastly, sponsoring immigrants to work as these foreign workers help to build a bank of goodwill within the community. The goodwill of sponsoring a truck worker to begin a new life in a foreign country is always appreciated by lots of people.

The Types of Immigrants that can be Sponsored?

The types of immigrants that can be sponsored by trucking companies include:

Skilled Workers: Skilled workers are immigrants with experience or training in a specific field. These can be mechanics or truck drivers. Immigrants with specialized skills can be sponsored to the United States so they can work for the company.

Students: Trucking companies also sponsor students who have an interest in becoming truck drivers. And students who are studying to become truck drivers. This provides the students with the opportunity to come to the US and get even more training needed to be a qualified truck drivers.

Family Member: Family is an important aspect of people’s life. Skilled workers who are being sponsored to work in the US also have families. Sponsorship of family members includes nuclear relatives like the spouse and children. Trucking companies provide these sponsorships so their staff can stay together while working for the company.

These visa sponsorships are not just limited to these types of immigrants. Other types of immigrants can also be sponsored by trucking companies.

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