10 Best Art Courses To Study in Nigeria

10 Best Art Courses To Study in Nigeria – Are you an art student who’s unsure about which course to pursue at the university? Fret not, as we’re here to assist you by providing the best list of excellent options to consider.

10 Best Art Courses To Study in Nigeria

However, before making a decision on what art course to study in school, it’s important to reflect on your personal interests and passions. This thoughtful approach will help you make the right choice and ensure your success in your academic journey.

Going further, in Nigeria, art students have a plethora of options, with over 100 art courses offered by Nigerian universities. After conducting thorough research, we have compiled a list of 10 best art courses that not only offer professional development but also provide ample job opportunities. So, let’s explore these courses.

10 Best Art Courses To Study in Nigerian Universities

Knowing which art course to study can be a little difficult if you are not sure of what you want. However, the list provided below is just an insight into some of the art courses offered in several Nigerian Universities.

You can read through this segment and decide from the 10 best art courses to study, which art course is best for you.

Mass Communication

Mass Communication ranks among the finest art courses available for study in Nigerian tertiary institutions. This field offers an array of career prospects with numerous advantages.

Mass Communication focuses on the art of conveying information through various media channels. As a graduate in this field, you’ll have the opportunity to pursue careers in radio stations, television networks, and newspapers. Additionally, it equips you with skills that can propel you into the limelight.

Political Science

Political science is among the best art courses that you can study in Nigerian universities. This is the study of politics and power from international, domestic, and comparative perspectives.

Political Science is among the most popular art courses among students. With Political Science you will be able to analyze public institutions and policies.

In addition, you will also be encouraged to be an active part of the community through public policy and government work. Besides, political science helps prepare students for careers in law, business, international organizations, government, and research.


Law is a highly recommended art course to study in Nigeria. Undoubtedly, Law is one of the best and most sought-after courses for art students to study in Nigeria. Law is also among the best professional courses in Universities in Nigeria.

A degree in Law means that you can work as a legal advisor to corporations, individuals, government agencies, and other businesses.  Furthermore, there are other career choices in law and they include Legal Secretary, legal analyst, lawyer, attorney, judge, detective, immigration lawyer, and solicitor.

After graduating with a law degree, you will be able to gain admission to any Nigerian law school and become a lawyer.

Theater Arts

Theater Arts is among the popular arts courses that you can study in Nigerian Universities. There are a lot of career choices with a degree in Theatre Arts.

This art course covers lots of areas which include media, graphics, design, and decoration. However, if you are very creative, filmmaking will be very useful.

Studying Theater Arts will also help the students explore the world from different perspectives while they are developing their skills in collaboration, problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and effective communication.

English Language

Another art course worth studying is English Language. This is one of the best art courses that you can study at a Nigerian University. As an art student, getting an English Language degree is worth it.

This course will provide you with research skills and good communication skills. Some of the careers in this field are reporter, public relations, high school teacher, editor, reporter, and many more.

Foreign Languages 

Studying foreign Languages such as Mandarin, French, Spanish, Russian, and German can make it much easier for you to secure a job at embassies and consulates.

These art courses are not competitive like other technical courses such as English Language and Law. This makes it very easy for students to gain admission to study foreign languages in any Nigerian University.


Psychology is an ideal art course to study at a Nigerian University. This course is a study that attracts both science and humanities. With a degree in psychology, you will be able to work in several settings.

Some of which include organizational, educational, research, health care, clinical, and other specialized areas. There are several job opportunities for psychologists in health care, government agencies, private sectors, and schools.

Fine and Applied Art

Fine and Applied Art is among the best art courses that you can study at Nigerian University. If you have a degree in this field, you are definitely in for a successful career.

You can also start a personal and business brand with this degree. Furthermore, with this degree, you can work in places as an artist, architect, fashion designer, photographer, and many more.


Linguistics is yet another captivating art course available for study at the university. It’s a dynamic and expanding field that exerts a positive influence on various areas of study.

The realm of linguistics offers an array of career options, including roles as interpreters, public relations specialists, translators, speech therapists, foreign language instructors, and more. Graduates with a degree in linguistics also find themselves presented with numerous employment prospects.

Moreover, linguistics is closely intertwined with fields such as philosophy, anthropology, and cognitive psychology, enhancing its interdisciplinary nature and broadening its impact.

International Relations

Another art course to study at Nigerian University is International Relations.  By studying international relations, you will have an in-depth knowledge of global issues.

To become a foreign ambassador, you will have to have a degree in international relations. With this degree, you can get high-paying jobs such as political analyst, specialist lobbyist, diplomat, and communication specialist.

With the art courses provided above, you might want to research a little more about them before picking which art course to study in school. But the above art courses assure a promising career in the country and abroad.

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